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Visa Information Assistance

Complete information is offered about the visa requirement and the process. From the start to end. All application status updates are also shared on a timely basis relieving you of any anxiety.


Depending on the country you are applying for, a confirmed airline booking may be a pre-requisite for your travel. We can assist you with a confirmed perseveration airline ticket for the higher chance of getting the visa.

Courier Service

We use our own couriers to collect the visas when they are ready. This is an advantageous option compared to using an outside courier service as it allows our staff to monitor the progress of our client’s visa applications.

Appointment Scheduling

For submission of most visa applications, an appointment must be scheduled; this is mandatory where biometric enrolment is required. As your visa specialist, we will secure an appointment for you with your chosen time and availability.

Form Filling

Apart from completing the application form, we check the validity and requirement of travel documents, making sure all details are correct.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is now mandatory for most countries that maybe on your bucket list both for leisure and business. We are giving travel insurance covering the area of your travel with the complete reliability and cost effective.

Hotel Bookings

As your accommodation is a very important element of your itinerary, leave this also to us to offer you the best choices based on your key words – business, beach, budget or brand.

Customized Corporate Services

Visagov provides door-to-door service for its Corporate Clients. Based on the volume of business, Visagov will provide the necessary staff to visit your office and provides complete service with full convenience.