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Visa Information

Visa type Validity Processing Embassy Fee Service Fee Total cost
Single entry up to 1 month 10-15 business days 1100 AED 400 AED 1500 AED
Double Entry up to 2 month 15 business days 1400 AED 400 AED 1800 AED
Triple Entry up to 3 month 15 business days 1500 AED 400 AED 1900 AED


  • Passport must be valid 3 months beyond intended stay
  • 2 Recent passport-type photograph, white background
  • No Objection Certification
  • If Tour Group Passenger: Letter from tour company confirming itinerary and including a copy of the confirmation from authorized Kazakhstan travel company which shows the reference number for the visa.
  • If Individual Travel: Confirmation of hotel arrangements only from authorized Kazakhstan travel company showing reference number for the visa.
  • If Business Travel: Official invitation from authorized organization in the Kazakhstan. The organization must be duly registered in Kazakhstan. The invitation must state your name, dates of the visit, and cities to be visited. Organization in Kazakhstan must also have confirmation sent by the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan to their Embassy on your behalf.
  • Tickets and Documents for return or onward travel

** Citizens of Syria require personal appearance and interview.
**Visa fees include the invitation letter fees.

30 days maximum stay in Kazakhstan

15days – normal 5-6days – urgent

Canadian & Indian – 950 AED (Embassy Fee)
Syrian, Iraqi & Bangladesh – 1250 AED (Embassy Fee)